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About us

Optimum schedule

You can choose the format and time convenient for you to study in groups or individually. The schedule is regulated depending on a student’s wish. The groups are formed quickly. You do not have to wait long.

Convenient location

The best teachers

Our teachers are graduates (native speakers). Teaching staff at Intense Language School use the most up-to-date methodological approaches to teaching English and constantly update training programmes.

Attention to everyone

We form groups of 4-8 people so that the learning process is effective for everyone. Teachers work with each student to succeed in language learning, give regular feedback on your results.

Friendly atmosphere

It is very important to create comfortable conditions for language learning. It has a positive effect on learning outcomes. Our teachers are able to create informal and friendly classroom atmosphere.

Free lesson

Visit free lesson at Intense Language School to see how English language is taught at our school. You are not required to sign a contract right after the lesson. If you are satisfied with the quality of our teachers’ work, we will help you to choose suitable language group.

Affordable price

Our principle – English learning must be accessible to everyone, so we offer cheap English courses, hold promotions and give discounts on training.



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  • About us


    First of all, we are focused on the achievement of maximum result in learning foreign languages.

    We guarantee a high level of professionalism and quality of knowledge, as well as a diverse, creative and individual approach to everyone.

    We are interested in making your studying exciting and effective.

    We will help you to achieve your goal.

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