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At Intense you will get necessary knowledge and we will teach you how to speak such a difficult language fluently. We offer not only a general course. You have the opportunity to learn all the nuances and aspects of business and conversational language. Moreover, we will help you to prepare for the exams that are necessary to get an education or work in China.

Why do we need this language? Firstly, it’s interesting. Without knowing language travelling becomes difficult, because the Chinese do not speak English or other languages well.

Secondly, economic and political relations with China are developing at a crazy pace. Many countries begin to cooperate with Chinese companies. But here the problem arises – where can we get people who could speak this Asian language fluently? Therefore, many companies are looking for employees with the language knowledge. Knowing this rare language opens up tremendous opportunities for you to realize your abilities.

It is difficult to find a specialist who speaks Chinese fluently.

Chinese courses are run by highly qualified teachers; the obligatory requirement is to have pedagogical education and a huge training experience.

You will gain oral communication skills in Chinese, which, with regular classes, will allow you to communicate with a native Chinese speaker.

A lot of attention during Chinese language classes is given to pronunciation. The teacher will teach you how to properly intone, as in Chinese this is important for successful communication.

Few educational institutions and courses help to master this difficult language. “Hurry up and learn Chinese with us!”


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