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Knowledge of an international language is your image. Therefore, if you once studied English at school or institute, but did not reach the required level, or had time to forget something, we recommend you to enroll on a course at Intense Language School.

Benefits of learning English at Intense:

1. Classes in English from the first day

2. Groups from 5 up to 8 people

3. Free trial and demo lessons

4. Transparent level-based training system

5. Effective methods of teaching with a guarantee of result

6. Speaking clubs with native speakers.

Intense English Language School is:

Teaching English:

1)      to preschoolers

Special programmes offered for children (3-6 years of age).

2)       to school children

Only the school curriculum is not enough. Think about preparing for exams.

3)      to adults

Express courses for your career and study.

4)      Individual training

Training in mini-groups up to 3 people.

5)      Preparation for TOEFL, IELTS 

And other international exams.

6) Intensive language courses.

7) Business language courses


Ø  Speak English fluently.

From the moment you begin an English course with us, you see that language barrier is a myth, and speaking English is easy and pleasant. You will stop being embarrassed about your pronunciation and will not be afraid to make mistakes. Learning English is not a stress, but an exciting process of learning another language and culture. At Intense English Language School you will master all language skills and will be able to apply them in practice anywhere in the world.

Ø  Make a career.

Specialists who speak English are more required on the labor market; they find an interesting job more quickly and earn more. Learning English at Intense in Krakow will allow you to make a brilliant career.

Ø  Be successful in business.

English Language School in Krakow offers effective training within the framework of business courses. They will suit those who plan to expand their business and gain to communicate with foreign partners without the assistance of an interpreter.

Specialized language courses are designed for those who need to master professional vocabulary in a short time.

Ø  Travel without difficulties of translation.

You will learn to understand English and communicate with people abroad. You will become more confident and make a lot of new friends in other countries. It’s easier than you think. And we will prove it to you when you study at Intense School.

Ø  Enter prestigious universities worldwide.

Courses in preparation and passing international examinations (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) will allow you to enter prestigious universities around the world. We run training courses in Cambridge exams KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC (Business English Certificate).

Ø  Teach English to your child.


It is important to begin to train flexibility of mind and develop the qualities of a full-fledged personality as soon as possible. It has been scientifically proven that children achieve a success in English learning. Therefore, many parents who dream of a successful future for their children begin to teach them from childhood.


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