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The modern world is so arranged that now everything depends on the reputation. It is formed by many qualities, for example, beautiful clothes or a fashionable hairdress. But in order to enlist the reputation of an educated, cultured and most importantly interesting person, one must have a free form of knowing the most beautiful and understandable language in the world - French. The Intense school offers you to take French courses in Cracow, after which you will receive a special document - a certificate confirming your skills. It is not difficult to learn any language, the main thing is just to start! What doors open before you the knowledge gained in these courses? To find out the answer to this question, it is necessary to understand the meaning of the language in the world: 
· It is official in 33 countries, it is constantly spoken by over 200 million people 
· Transatlantic and large companies require the employees to speak French, since negotiations, business correspondence and contracts are often drawn up in this language, as there is no allegiance in it 
· Many carriers communicate in principle on the Internet and in life only in their native language 
· In the world art of all directions it is considered a bad taste not to own French, because it is the most sensitive and emotional language 
Learning a language at the Intense language school opens up horizons for your career in journalism, business, culture or other fields. All language courses are conducted only by graduates of the communicative method. 

Our school Intense offers French courses depending on the level of preparation, life situations and needs: 
· General course. This course is designed for both beginners and students who continue to study French. The course details all aspects of the French language. 
· Conversation course. Overcome the language barrier, expand the vocabulary and intelligently express their thoughts - this is the main task of the conversation course. 
· Business course. The course of business French is designed for those whose business is connected with French-speaking partners and colleagues. 
· Intensive course. These are the shortest courses of the French language, but they are the most intense. They are designed for students who need to master the general course program without loss of quality in the shortest possible time. 
· Preparation for international exams. Teaching French takes place in such a way as to effectively prepare the student for the upcoming examinations. 
· Individual training. Individual approach and convenient schedule are the integral advantages of this course. The program is made taking into account the features and wishes of the student. 
· Conversation club. Conversational clubs are organized for students who already have a good command of the language and want to continue to practice, enhancing communication skills. 

Send an application for the program you are interested in and our specialists will contact you in the near future by phone, in more detail tell about the training options and answer all the questions.


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