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Our Polish language courses are suitable for both Polish and foreigners. They allow you to learn Polish in a relatively short time. The objectives of studying the Polish language are different: admission to educational institutions, preparation for language exams, work, career growth, etc. 
With us, you can quickly master the basics and improve the already existing knowledge of the Polish language. Our specialists will select the most suitable course for you, taking into account your wishes and the level of knowledge of the language. 
In addition, here you can take courses for children and adolescents. Mothers can study the language with their children. Such training has many advantages, among which: the ability to independently determine the intensity of classes, frequency and duration. There is also the possibility of adjusting the course program. You can practice with your child or spend time with benefit for yourself. Depends on the age of the child, learning not only introduces new words, but also introduces the melodic language. 

We use role-playing games to better assimilate new material. In the course of classes, there is a closer acquaintance with culture, new friends-heroes (characters of books). You can always control the fatigue level of the child, react in time to possible force majeure circumstances. 
- training with the use of modern communicative methods for mastering the Polish language; 
- a friendly, relaxed atmosphere; 
- training with practicing teachers; 
- training in mixed international groups; 
- diversity of cultural activities; 
- Convenient location of courses; 
- high quality of language learning. 

We also offer business courses for the Polish language. The purpose of this course is to develop and improve the skills of business conversational speech, to overcome the language barrier. An important place in the program of the course is the grammar of the Polish language. The program content of the course may vary depending on the needs of the clients. 
Learning Polish became more accessible with “Intense”.

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