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Russian courses at Intense Language School in Krakow for children and adults are:

• Quick Russian learning for beginners;

• In-depth study of Russian;

• Modern teaching methods;

• Affordable prices;

• Convenient location

Russian courses give our students an opportunity to study with native speakers. Knowledge of Russian got at Intense Language School completely removes the language barrier and allows our students to communicate confidently in any Russian-speaking country.

Before starting the classes, all our students – children, teenagers and adults – have an oral interview, written test or test by phone (except the beginners), it is necessary to accurately determine your language level. Further, depending on the students’ language level, there is a formation of groups. As the training progresses, students pass middle test to control knowledge. At the end of the course there is a final test, after passing it successfully students are given certificates.

Classes are focused on five main aspects of language learning: speaking part – practice of communication, listening comprehension, reading of authentic texts in Russian, studying grammar and training writing skill. Classes are run by a native speaker. The intensity of classes allows students to get necessary communication experience. An important part of communicative method of language teaching is speaking practice.


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